Page 51 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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The following courses are approved for substitution:
1851 – Fundamentals of Illustration
1857 – Fundamentals of Graphic Design
1861 – Advanced Illustration
1859 – Advanced Graphic Design
1982 – Ornamental Metalwork
1431 – Digital Imaging I
1727 – Drafting Techniques
0213 – Floriculture
8. Experiential Learning
is required and must be in an area related to the student’s career cluster
as reflected in the student’s Five Year Plan.
9. Elective credits
are the additional offerings which meet a student’s specific needs, interests, and
5504.3 Modified Graduation Requirements
– Modified graduation requirements are
designed for an eligible student with a disability who has been determined by a special education
IEP committee to be unable to meet state and county standard graduation requirements. These
students will be required to complete a modified program of study as recommended by a school
committee chaired by the principal. Students will need at least four years to complete these re-
quirements, as specified in their IEP and five-year plan.
5504.4 Planned Educational Programs
– Harrison County Schools offer programs of study to
meet the needs of all adolescent students. These programs place an emphasis on preparing student
to meet their potential beyond high school. Students shall be encouraged to follow a flexible,
planned educational program and accumulate units above the 28 credits required for graduation.
The student’s planned program shall be subject to periodic revision and designed to enhance the
opportunity for success in chosen endeavors after graduation from high school.
5504.5 Alternatives to the Unit of Credit
– Based upon school and individual student needs,
county boards of education, with the approval of the West Virginia Board or Department of Educa-
tion as indicated, shall develop alternative methods to obtain a unit of credit.
Accepting Credit Earned Before Grade 9 – Any student who completes a high
school level course prior to grade 9 shall receive credit earned for that course. The student's
permanent record for grades 9-12 shall indicate completion of the area of study. The grades
for the courses will be used in calculating the GPA. These courses will also count in the total
units needed for graduation.