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Experimental Programs – Experimental programs shall be approved by the Harri-
son County Board of Education and the West Virginia Board of Education. Each program
shall be evaluated annually and a report filed with the West Virginia Department of Educa-
Summer School – All summer school programs shall be submitted to the West Vir-
ginia Board of Education for approval before being offered. Schools may include credits
earned from approved summer schools provided the instructional program, including length
of time allocated for completion of a unit of credit or fraction thereof, is equivalent to that
required of the regular school term.
Testing Out – Students may receive credit for courses by achieving passing scores
on tests that have been developed and based on, but not limited to, the content standards and
objectives associated with the various courses,
as reflected in the Harrison County Testing
Out Policy.
5504.6 Class Rank
All students receiving a standard diploma, except foreign exchange students, shall
be included in the determination of rank-in-class. The
final class rank
will be determined at
the completion of the
eighth semester
of the graduation class.
In cases where schools are asked to submit the names of the student graduates with
the highest GPA (e.g. Robert C. Byrd Scholarship or other similar programs), determination
will be based upon the student’s GPA at the conclusion of the seventh semester. Some
scholarships may be awarded to only one student per school. In the event of a tie in class
rank, the ACT or conversion of the SAT will be used to determine the recipient.
At the end of the 8
semester students will be ranked in the following classifica-
3.95 - 4.0
Summa cum laude
3.75 - 3.94
Magna cum laude
3.5 - 3.74
Cum laude
5504.7 Attendance Requirement in Grades 9-12 and Early Graduation
To attain full benefit from the educational programs offered in the schools
of Harrison County, all students shall be scheduled for the full instructional day for all four
years. Exceptions may be made by county boards of education to accommodate placement
into advanced educational programs or for other compelling circumstances. This policy can-