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not supersede IDEA or any section of 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Harrison
County Schools encourages students to stay in school for the entire four years.
Exceptions to the Attendance Requirement
The Harrison County Board of Educa-
tion has the authority to make exceptions to the attendance requirement. However, before the
Board of Education can approve a student request to be excused from one or more instruc-
tional periods or be issued a diploma before completing four years of attendance in grades 9-
12, the exception request must be based upon one of the following criteria:
to attend college, university, or magnet program;
to attend other approved post secondary programs;
compelling circumstances, such as:
(1) regular class already graduated
(2) family responsibility
(3) financial need
(4) other individual circumstances approved by the Harrison County Board of
All requests for exceptions to the attendance requirement based upon com-
pelling circumstances shall be investigated by a county attendance person and approved
by the Harrison County Board of Education. Senior students requesting exception to the
attendance requirement must submit a completed application to the school principal. The
school principal shall investigate and approve such request before forwarding the request
to the county superintendent of schools.
Time spent in a homebound instructional program counts toward the four year re-
Students entering Harrison County Schools from homeschooling may receive
credit towards graduation as per homeschooling policy requirements as outlined in WV
Code 18-8-1.
Students who have already attended four years in grades 9-12 need only be sched-
uled for classes needed to meet graduation requirements.