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5504.8 Evaluating Credits for Transfer Students
From Other States – Students who transfer to West Virginia from schools approved
by other state systems may not always have completed the required credits needed for
graduation. In most instances, there will be credit for an area of study that is quite similar to
one of the required units, and credit can be awarded for the work completed. If the student
who transfers can be scheduled into any additional courses
needed to complete the Harrison
County Schools requirements, this should be done. In the cases of seniors and some juniors,
such scheduling may not be feasible or possible. In such cases the school may appeal to the
State Superintendent of Schools for permission to use a substitute for the requirements or to
waive the requirement.
From Other West Virginia Counties – Student
who transfer from another West
Virginia county requiring fewer than 28 credits for graduation
shall have their credits evalu-
ated to determine if one or more county requirements will be waived by the Harrison County
Board of Education.
5504.9 Students Who Do Not Complete Requirements in Four Years
Continuous Enrollment – If a student has been enrolled continuously for four years
in grades 9-12 but has not accumulated the required number of units, the student shall be
expected to meet the graduation requirements that were in effect upon entrance into ninth
grade. Since the student has attended four full years, attendance for the full day would not be
Re-enrollment - If a student has re-enrolled after dropping out of school, the re-
quirements depend upon the length of time the student has been out of school. If out of
school less than one year, the student would be expected to complete the graduation require-
ments that were in effect upon entrance into ninth grade. If out of school one year or more,
current graduation requirements must be met.
5504.10 Commencement Activities
To participate in any senior activity that requires the wearing of a cap and gown
so designated by the school, the senior student must have met or will be meeting all gradua-
tion requirements by the date of graduation.
To maintain the dignity of the graduation ceremony, students must be dressed
according to the school’s graduation dress code. Violation of the standard graduation dress
code will result in the graduating senior(s) being excluded from any ceremony involving the
cap and gown.