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4102.5 Reporting
Any student who believes he or she has been or is currently the victim of or has wit-
nessed any prohibited behaviors should immediately report the situation, preferably to a staff
member at his or her respective school and/or to any school district employee. The employee
must report to the school administrator as soon as reasonably possible.
All complaints about bullying behavior that may violate this policy shall be investi-
gated by the school administration as soon as reasonably possible.
If the investigation finds an instance of bullying behavior has occurred, it will result
in prompt and appropriate disciplinary action as outlined in Policy #4101 of the Harrison
County Schools Policy and Administrative Regulations Guide. Individuals may also be re-
ferred to law enforcement officials.
The complainant shall be notified of the findings of the investigation, and as appro-
priate, that remedial action has been taken.
4102.6 Protection from Retaliation
The School District shall discipline or take appropriate action against any student
who retaliates against, or attempts to retaliate against any person who reports or files a com-
plaint of harassment, intimidation or bullying or otherwise participates in an investigation or
inquiry concerning said allegation. Retaliation may include but is not limited to any form of
threat, intimidation,
reprisal or discrimination.
4102.7 Parent Notification
The principal or principal’s designee shall notify the parent or legal guardian of any
student involved in an incident that may violate this policy. The parent shall be notified as
promptly as possible preferably on the same day an investigation is initiated. Notification
shall be consistent with student privacy rights set forth under the applicable provisions of the
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).
4102.8 Confidentiality
All information collected during the investigatory process and resolution of com-
plaints is confidential.