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5501.1 Pre-K through Eighth Grade Retentions
When retention is recommended, it should occur at the earliest possible time in the
student’s school career. The primary consideration for grade assignment shall be successful
achievement in reading, math, spelling, and language. Other factors such as the student’s
ability to learn, social and emotional maturity, chronological age, and achievement in other
subjects, summative testing results, and attendance shall be considered.
Children who are five prior to September 1 shall be promoted to or enrolled in kin-
dergarten, unless the teacher, in cooperation with the parent, uses assessment data to deter-
mine that kindergarten placement for that child is not in the child’s best interest. A child
may remain in the WV pre-k classroom for longer than one year if the decision is in the best
interest of the child and based on curricular assessment data with mutual agreement between
the teacher and the parent/guardian. Should a child remain in the pre-k classroom a second
year, this is considered to be a retention for the purposes of this policy.
Grades on the report cards are to reflect evidence of the student’s inclination for
promotion and/or retention
In the middle school grades (6-8) a student who receives an “F” for the year in any
two of the following subjects: English, social studies, mathematics, science, or reading will
be considered for retention.
Should a student be seriously considered for retention, the parent(s) shall be noti-
fied in writing, within two weeks following the completion of the first semester, unless there
are reviewed, mitigating circumstances. A conference should be scheduled with the parent(s)
to discuss the probability of retention as well as to counsel with the parent(s) on how to deal
with the retention should it occur. Written permission from the parents for retention is not
required, however parent(s) must be notified of the specific reasons for retention. A letter of
confirmation of retention will be sent by the school to the parents of a student failing to meet
the standards of the grade level assigned for the specified year. This letter will be sent with
the final report card.
Prior to final retention notice, students considered for retention shall be reviewed
by the appropriate student assistance team. The teacher or team will completed a Light Re-
tention Scale for the student. These results are to be used as supportive information and not
as the sole instrument to determine retention. For those students whose educational perform-
ance is not commensurate with their peers and are suspected of having an exceptionality, a
written referral to the SAT shall be made.