Page 62 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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The final decision in regard to promotion and/or retention rests with the individual
classroom teacher(s) and building principal. Additional professional staff members may be
consulted for input.
Any student being considered for a second retention will be reviewed by the appro-
priate student assistance team to consider referral for a psycho-educational evaluation. The
referral to such a team shall be made within two weeks following the completion of the first
If parent permission for evaluation cannot be obtained, the student’s assistance
team must make a decision based on the information available.
If a psycho-educational evaluation is considered to be unnecessary or the result of
the psycho-educational evaluation do not support the need for special education services, the
student may then be considered for promotion or a second retention by a committee com-
prised of the administration, counselor and all teachers who have had classroom contact with
the student. If retention is the recommendation the committee will aide by the timelines/
policy requirements set forth in sections 5101.1.4 and 5501.1.5.
A student shall not be retained more than two times in grades pre-k thru 8.
5501.2 Additional Considerations Grades Pre-K through Eight
A parent request regarding retention or promotion will be considered by the appro-
priate student’s team
In order for gifted students to be considered for double promotion, the following
will be reviewed by the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Committee: psycho-educational
evaluation, grades, social maturity, chronological age, teacher observation and previous
school year data.
Once a student begins a school year in a specific grade, they are not to be demoted
to the previous grade.