Page 67 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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3103.1.9 Assault:
Any act done with intent to cause fear in another of immediate bodily harm
or death or any threat to do bodily harm to another with present ability to carry out the threat
or any act which reasonably places another in apprehension of imminent bodily harm.
3103.2 Reporting Procedures
School Level -
The building principal shall receive any oral or written complaints of
racial, sexual, or religious/ethnic discrimination at the building level.
Student Misconduct -
Upon receipt of a complaint of student misconduct,
the principal shall promptly notify the Board’s Human Rights Officer and shall com-
mence an investigation of the complaint as outlined herein. Upon completion of the in-
vestigation, and not later than ten (10) working days after receiving the complaint, a writ-
ten report shall be forwarded by the principal to the Human Rights Officer and to the su-
Employee Misconduct -
If the report alleges employee misconduct, the
building principal shall promptly notify the Human Rights Officer and shall initiate an
investigation of the complaint as outlined herein. This investigation may be conducted by
school officials or third parties designated by the superintendent. Within ten (10) work-
ing days of receiving the complaint, the investigating party shall provide a written status
report to the superintendent.
Whenever the complaint is given to the building principal verbally, the princi-
pal shall reduce the complaint to written form before the close of the next working day.
If the complaint involves the building principal, the complaint shall be made directly to
the Human Rights Officer.
3103.2.2 Non-school level
For the school buildings/facilities which do not have a building principal, such as trans-
portation and maintenance departments, the director of such building facility shall be the
person responsible for receiving oral or written reports of racial, sexual, or religious/
ethnic discrimination. All other provisions of this policy apply to such situations, except
that the term “director” shall be substituted for the term “building principal”.
3103.2.3 District Wide
The Harrison County Board of Education hereby designates its Title IX
Coordinator as its Human Rights Officer. Any complaint or report filed under this
policy shall be filed directly with the superintendent, who shall then be responsible
for the investigation and recommendation described in this policy.