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The superintendent must immediately file a report with the West Virginia Depart-
ment of Education of all reports of discrimination when an investigation shows that discrimi-
nation did occur. The report must contain a description of all actions taken in response to the
3103.5 Faculty and Staff Discipline
If a faculty or staff person is accused of violating this policy, the disciplinary procedures
found in the West Virginia Code and state regulations regarding disciplinary action shall ap-
3103.6 Discipline of Non-School Related Personnel
Should any person that is not an employee or student of Harrison County Schools be found to have
violated this policy, such person shall be prohibited from entering any school building, facility, or
property and that person shall be referred to the appropriate officials as provided by law. Nothing
in this policy shall be construed as prohibiting any person from contacting law enforcement or
other appropriate personnel, including the Human Rights Commission, regarding any action.
3103.7 Reprisal
Retaliation against an individual who reports an incident of discrimination, who participates in or
cooperates with an investigation of discrimination, or who testifies, assists, or participates in a
hearing related to such investigation is prohibited. The school system will take immediate steps to
protect the complainant, students, teachers, or other personnel both during and after the investiga-
3103.8 Alternative Complaint Procedures
A complainant may use an alternative complaint procedure where applicable, includ-
ing filing charges with the West Virginia Human Rights Commission, EEOC, initiating civil
action, or seeking redress under state criminal statutes and/or federal law.
3103.9 Notification
Notice of this policy will be circulated to all parents, schools, and departments of
Harrison County schools on an annual basis and will be incorporated into teacher and student
handbooks. It shall be conspicuously posted throughout each school and in offices and class-
rooms and in areas accessible to students and staff. Training sessions on this policy and the
prevention of harassment and violence shall be held for teachers, staff, and students in all
schools on an annual basis.