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3103.10 Policy Training and Dissemination
This policy or a policy summary will be posted in all classrooms and in areas ac-
cessible to students and staff and all Harrison County Board of Education buildings. The pol-
icy summary will also appear in student and staff handbooks and, if no handbook is available,
a copy of the summary will be distributed to all students, faculty, and staff.
The superintendent shall develop and implement training for students and staff on
these regulations and on means for effectively promoting the goals of this policy.
The superintendent or the superintendent’s designee for compliance with state and
federal law and State Board of Education Policy will review this policy at least once every
two years.
3103.11 Prevention Programs
For each programmatic level K-5, 6-8, 9-12, and for adult, as well as faculty and
staff, the superintendent shall develop prevention programs that, at a minimum, raise aware-
ness of different types of discrimination and harassment, how they manifest themselves, their
devastating emotional and educational consequences, and the legal consequences.
The superintendent shall develop and implement multi-cultural education programs
for faculty, staff, and students that foster an appropriate attitude of undertaking and accep-
tance of individuals from a variety of cultural, ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds and
national origins.
3103.12 Policy Development
The superintendent shall develop such administrative regulations as necessary to
implement this policy.
3103.13 Notice to All Staff and Students
If you believe you have been subjected to racial, sexual, religious/ethnic discrimi-
nation, harassment or violence, including sexual harassment, this is what you should do:
Speak to your principal or other adult in your building, or the Human Rights
Officer listed below, about the discrimination, harassment, and/or violence and file a re-
port. The report can be either oral or written.