Page 72 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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An investigation will take place, and a written report will be filed by the
investigator detailing whether the complaint was found to be credible and whether a
violation of the policy was found to have occurred to the alleged discriminator(s) and
the complainant.
If you feel that the investigator erred in his/her findings or recommended
consequences, you may appeal it to the superintendent or the board of education if
the superintendent is involved. If a school employee, student, or member of the pub-
lic feels that he or she is the victim of racial, sexual, religious/ethnic discrimination,
harassment, or violence while on school property or at a school-sponsored event, a
complaint may be filed by contacting his or her school principal, or he or she may
contact the Title IX/Section 504 Coordinator, Harrison County Board of Education,
P.O. Box 1370, Clarksburg, WV 26302-1370, Phone: 624-3325, Ext.3326. You may
also file a complaint with some state and federal agencies or in court.
Approved by Harrison County Board of Education
Effective Date: November 4, 2002