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4401.1 Certificate of Birth Required for Entry
All children, upon entering the Harrison County school system for the first time, shall present a
copy of their official birth records to the school principal. Records from the state registrar of vital
statistics will be the birth records accepted for children as valid for entry into the county schools.
It is the responsibility of the parent(s)/ guardian(s) to provide proper documentation of birth re-
cords. (Forms for applying for issuance of a birth certificate are available at each school and at the
Central Office of the Harrison County Schools.)
Documentation of U.S. citizens born abroad – The official record is in the form of a
Consular Report of Birth Abroad as a citizen of the United States of America. This document,
referred to as the Consular Report of Birth or FS-240, is considered a basic United States citi-
zenship document.
Persons attempting to enroll students who do not have certified birth certificates will
be required to produce a copy within a reasonable period of time, but not to exceed three
If the person enrolling the student is unable to furnish a certified copy of the stu-
dent's birth record, he or she must submit a notarized affidavit that explains the reasons for
being unable to furnish a certified birth certificate. Failure to furnish a certified copy requires
the principal to immediately notify the local law enforcement authorities. The notice to the
law enforcement agencies shall include copies of the submitted proof of the pupil's identity
and age and the affidavit explaining the inability to produce a certified copy of the birth re-
When pupils transfer into a public school in West Virginia, the principal from the
admitting school must request the birth record from the previous school within fourteen days.
Students who enroll as foreign exchange students may, in the event a birth certifi-
cate is unavailable, substitute their immigration documents, passports or visas to substantiate
identity and date of birth.
In the absence of birth records, students are not to be excluded from attending
school. To do so would deprive them of a free, appropriate education.