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4401.2 Admitting Foster Children and Youth
A child's placement in foster care often necessitates a change of schools. In some
cases, students' records are delayed or unavailable at the time of admission. In such cases, the
following will apply:
Foster care students are not required to present academic records from a for-
mer school as a condition for admittance.
Failure of a foster care student to have his/her immunization records in hand at
the time of school enrollment does not warrant refusal to provisionally admit the student.
School officials may rely, at least temporarily, upon the presumption that West Virginia
law had been followed and that the student was immunized upon entering school for the
first time or, if doubts exist, rely upon telephone or written confirmations.
Enrollment of a foster care student may not be denied because of proof of cus-
tody or guardianship. When a child's custodial situation is in a state of flux or confusion,
a school may fulfill its responsibility to a student in a custody dispute as long as it re-
ceives acknowledgement from the person in actual charge of the student that such person
is assuming responsibility, temporarily or otherwise, for housing, care and supervision of
the student. The school should provisionally admit the student until proper proceedings
are completed to accomplish a legal change of custody or establish guardianship rights.
4401.3 Immunizations
All children entering school for the first time in this state shall have been fully and
properly immunized against the following conditions:
Rubella Rubella
Pertussis (Whooping Cough)
Tetanus Mumps
Hepatitis B
Varicella (if student has not had disease)
In addition Pre-K students are required to have additional immunizations: Hepatitis A,
Compulsory testing for tuberculosis - All students entering/re-entering from a school
outside of the state shall furnish proof of a negative TB skin test or chest X-ray done within
four months of admission to school.
All skin test results must be read and reported by a licensed physician or nurse
practicing in the United States.