Page 75 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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Persons who have a positive reaction must be reported to the school nurse and/
or a physician immediately for follow-up evaluation and treatment.
The county health officer shall be responsible for arranging proper follow-up
of any student unable to obtain physician evaluation for a positive tuberculin skin test.
All transfer students shall not be allowed to enter school without proof of at
least one dose of each required vaccine but will be allowed one month to produce the sub-
sequent dates.
Pupils found to have tuberculosis in a communicable stage will not be al-
lowed to attend school until their disease has been arrested and is no longer communica-
Any student who has been out of school because of a questionable or positive
tuberculin skin test or chest X-ray will be required to submit a physician’s written ap-
proval to return to school.
Immunization requirements are subject to change based on recommendations
from the Center for Disease Control and/or State Public Health Departments.
4401.4 Exemptions
Exemptions from the required vaccinations and/or tuberculin skin test are not al-
lowed based on reasons of religion or conscience. Children may be exempted if a specific
medical condition precludes the vaccine and/or TB skin test. Exemptions must be submitted
in writing by a licensed physician.
4401.5 Reporting Requirements
The names of children not properly immunized shall be reported to the school nurse
who upon investigation and follow-up will report back to the principal and/or superintendent
and the county health officer, if necessary. Parents, guardians or others who fail to comply
with the provisions of the immunization law shall be prosecuted as provided in the law.
4401.6 Health Inspections
Requirements - All children entering public school for the first time in the State of
West Virginia shall be given screening tests.