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Inspections will include vision, hearing, dental, speech and language, along
with evaluation for nuisance conditions.
Parents or guardians of children who are found to have defects/impairment
shall be notified of the results.
Immunization records will be inspected at the time the child is screened.
Screening will be conducted by appropriately trained staff at designated times
in central locations. These screening dates will be scheduled and made available to
school personnel by June 1 prior to the beginning of the next academic year.
Parents have the right to opt their child out of participating in any non-
emergency, invasive physical examination or screening that is: a) required as a condition
of attendance; b) administered by the school and scheduled by the school in advance; and
c) not necessary to protect the immediate health and safety of the student or of other stu-
dents. This does not include hearing, vision or dental screenings or any physical exami-
nation or screening permitted or required under state law.
4401.6.2 Timetable
All Pre-schoolers must have a health check form completed and returned to
the school within 45 days of school entry. The health check must have been done within
one year of date of school entry.
Entering kindergarten students who did not attend a county approved pre-
school program will be screened prior to beginning kindergarten. New kindergarten stu-
dents entering after the academic year has started should be screened within 60 days of
starting school.
Grades K- 12 - Students entering from out of state should be screened within
60 days of starting school.
4401.7 Early Entrance Evaluation
In order to be eligible for an early entrance evaluation, a child must be five years of
age prior to November 1 of the school year. This evaluation will assess whether the child has
sufficient mental, physical, social and emotional competence along with school readiness to
indicate a strong probability of success in the kindergarten program.