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In order to receive an early entrance admission the child must meet all of the follow-
The child must possess school-readiness skills equal to or better than 5 years
0 months at the time of testing on the Bracken Basic Concept Scale, School Readi-
ness Composite.
The child must demonstrate receptive (hearing) vocabulary skills at the 5 year
0 month level at the time of testing on the most updated version of the Peabody Pic-
ture Vocabulary Test (PPVT).
The individual has adequate social and emotional development as determined
through parent interview/reports and child observation.
A parent who wishes to request such early entrance for his/her child must contact the
Principal of the school during the spring Kindergarten enrollment period. Names of candi-
dates will be forwarded from the school to the central office by June 1st. Early entrance
evaluations will be conducted during the second full week of August. Evaluations will be
arranged until after the Friday of the second full week of August unless there are mitigating
circumstances. No evaluations shall be conducted after the opening day of school. Due to the
possibility of a practice effect, no child will be permitted to retake this evaluation.
The early entrance provisions of this policy apply to all students with the exception
of those who have been properly identified as exceptional students. Placement of such stu-
dents will be determined by the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Committee as speci-
fied in Policy File: IDDF, Regulations for the Education of Exceptional Students.
4401.8 Requirements For Entry Into First Grade
Children desiring to enter the first grade in any Harrison County public school, are
required to successfully have completed a public or privately-supported state approved kinder-
garten or Montessori kindergarten program or to have successfully completed an entrance
exam of basic readiness skills, approved by the Harrison County Board of Education. Such
entrance examination may be administered in lieu of kindergarten attendance only under ex-
traordinary circumstances as determined by the county board.
Extraordinary circumstances are defined as:
a. physical or mental incapacity
b. hazardous conditions (18-8-1)