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4101.1 General Provisions
4101.1.1 Scope
-- This rule sets the requirements for the conduct of students of Harrison
County Schools in order to assure a nurturing and orderly, safe, drug-free, violence- and har-
assment-free learning environment that supports student academic achievement and personal-
social development.
Authority -- W.Va. Constitution, Article XII, §2, and W.Va. Code §§16-9A-4, 16-9A
-9, 17A-1-1, 18-2-5, 18-2-5a, 18-2-7b, 18-2-9, 18-2C-1 et seq., 18-2-33,18-5-1, 18-5-13, 18-
16-1, 18A-1-1, 18A-5-1, 18A-5-1a, 60A-1-101, 61-2-15, 61-7-2, 61-7-11a, 60A-7-11a, and
4101.2 Purpose
The Harrison County Board of Education recognizes the need for students, teachers,
administrators, and other school personnel to have a nurturing and orderly, safe, and stimulat-
ing educational environment. The purpose of these regulations is to provide Harrison County
Schools with a policy of student conduct that will ensure an orderly and safe environment that
is conducive to learning. These regulations also require that Harrison County Schools respond
immediately and consistently to incidents of harassment, intimidation, bullying, substance
abuse, violence and/or other Student Code of Conduct violations in a manner that effectively
deters future incidents and affirms respect for individuals. Harrison County has designed and
implemented prevention and response programs and has outlined investigatory and reporting
procedures and delineates penalties for violations of this policy. The Harrison County Board
of Education believes further that our schools should undertake proactive, preventive ap-
proaches to ensure a nurturing, orderly and safe school environment that fosters learning and
personal-social development. Harrison County Schools will create, encourage, and maintain a
safe, drug- free, and fear-free school environment in the classroom, on the playground, and at
school-sponsored activities. Assuring such an educational environment requires a comprehen-
sive program supported by everyone in the school organization, as well as parents/guardians,
and the community. Any form of harassment, intimidation, bullying, substance abuse, vio-
lence, or other policy violation is unacceptable in Harrison County schools. All students at
each grade level will be instructed and educated regarding the students’ responsibilities and
expectations to establish such an environment. Important educational components for students
will consist of raising awareness of the different types of Student Code of Conduct violations,
how they are manifested, their devastating emotional and educational consequences and their
potential legal implications.