Page 83 - POLICY GUIDE 2012

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This policy does not supersede any rights granted to special education students by
Federal or State law or other West Virginia Board of Education policy. Special education
students are also subject to the regulations contained in WVDE Policy 2419,
The Regulations
for the Education of Exceptional Students.
4101.6 Attendance Policy
The Harrison County Board of Education emphasizes the value of regular atten-
dance in enabling students to benefit from the school's education programs. West Virginia
Board of Education Policy 4110, W.Va. §126CSR81, Attendance, and the Harrison County
Board of Education Attendance Policy places responsibility on students to attend school on a
daily basis, and on each parent or guardian to send his/her child(ren) to school on a daily ba-
Absences resulting from the mandatory suspension/expulsion of a student due to a
violation of West Virginia Code §18A-5-1a (battery on a school employee, possession of a
firearm or deadly weapon, or sale of a narcotic drug) shall not be calculated in the school’s/
county’s attendance rate.
4101.7 Violations of the Student Code of Conduct
The following actions and activities committed by a student shall be violations of
this policy and shall subject the student to the penalties set forth herein or in other provisions
of policy or law.
In any case where a violation of criminal law has occurred, the administration must
refer the offense to any appropriate civil authority and/or law enforcement agency.
Any teacher, administrator, or authorized service personnel has the authority to
search a student’s person, locker, possessions (purse, bag, wallet, etc.) and/or vehicle or bicy-
cle on school property or at a school function so long as the administrator has reasonable sus-
picion for believing that the student is violating a school policy or state or federal law.
Any student committing an offense or violation is responsible for any and all dam-
ages and personal injuries, and the parents or legal guardians of the student are responsible for
damages to the extent provided by law.
When a student faces multiple charges, each charge constitutes a separate offense.
Any suspension of a student for more than ten (10) consecutive days requires a formal hearing
before the board of education.