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that is reasonably considered disruptive or inappropriate by the school principal. No clothing
shall be allowed that exposes any undergarments or the mid part of the body, no short shorts
(must be longer than fingertip length), no tank tops, spaghetti straps or halters
(unless worn over a t-shirt). No hats or sunglasses will be permitted to be worn in classes or
inside during the school day. No see-through mesh or fishnet clothing. No clothing or tattoos
that evidence gang membership or that contain depictions of or references to, or is suggestive
of violence, sex, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, obscenities, or profane language. No articles such as
chains or spiked jewelry that could be used as weapons shall be allowed. No baggy clothing
that is considered to be a safety hazard shall be allowed.
Possession of Inappropriate Personal Property. A student will not possess personal
property that is prohibited by school rules or that is disruptive to teaching and learning. This
includes, but is not limited to matches, lighters
laser pointers,
student bags, backpacks, book
bags. This does not include a student wallet or purse. Any bag large enough to conceal a text-
book is not considered to be a purse for the purposes of this policy. All student bags, back-
packs, and book bags must be placed in the student’s locker when school begins and kept
there until school ends, bags for physical education may be carried to and from PE class only.
Tardiness. A student will not fail to be in his/her place of instruction at the as-
signed time without a valid excuse.
Technology Abuse. A student will not violate the terms of West Virginia Board of
Education Policy 2460, W.Va. §126CSR41, Safety and Acceptable Use of the Internet by Stu-
dents and Educators or of the Harrison County Computer Usage Policy.
Truancy. In accordance with West Virginia §126CSR81, West Virginia Board of
Education Policy 4110, Attendance, a student will not fail to report to the school's assigned
class or activity without prior permission, knowledge or excuse by the school or by the parent/
4101.9 Level I Procedures
Following any action that may be a violation of this section, the appropriate staff
member shall intervene with an immediate referral to the school administration for discipli-
nary action. Prevention measures may include a conference with a counselor. A parent con-
ference may be held at any time, especially if misconduct becomes repeated. A teacher or bus
operator may exclude a student from class or from the bus for violation of this level, provided
proper procedures are followed.
Level I Disciplinary Options. Violation of any Level I offense may result in any of
the following responses from the school administration: