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4101.11 School Responses to Level II Violations
Level II Procedures. The administrator shall investigate the charged misconduct
and confer with staff, as deemed appropriate. The administrator shall meet with the student
and with the parents, when deemed appropriate. Use of informal due process procedures and
restitution of all damages caused is required.
Level II Disciplinary Options. The school administration may utilize Any of the
Level I
discipline options in response to any Level II offense with the exception of fighting.
Additionally, the school administration may utilize any of the following options:
Alternative program.
Special work assignments.
Suspension, in-school/out-of-school 1 to 5 days (with the exception of fight-
W.V.S.S.A.C. offense: Rules of the W.V.S.S.A.C. will apply during any
W.V.S.S.A.C. sanctioned activity as an additional punishment to the provisions of the
4101.12 Level III Violations
Definition: Imminently Dangerous, Illegal and/or Aggressive Behaviors – are will-
fully committed and are know to be illegal and/or harmful to people and/or property.
Continuation of Level I or Level II misconduct.
Violation of law
Battery against a student. A student will not attack or instigate a battery upon an-
other student. Battery in middle or high school shall require 10 days out of school suspension.
Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation. A student will not bully/intimidate/harass an-
other student. (I) According to W.Va. Code §18-2C-2 and 18-2C-3"harassment, intimidation
or bullying" means any intentional gesture, or any intentional electronic, written, verbal or
physical act, communication, transmission or threat that: (A) A reasonable person under the
circumstances should know the conduct will have the effect of any one or more of the follow-
ing: (1) physically harming a student; (2) damaging a student's property; (3) placing a student