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Level IV Disciplinary Procedures.
All Level IV offenses shall require an automatic ten (10) day out-of-school
suspension from school.
When a violation of Level IV of this policy has been committed, the princi-
pal shall forward the details and results of his investigation, and a recommendation for
disciplinary action to the superintendent and, if the superintendent concurs with a recom-
mendation for possible expulsion, the student shall be referred to the Board of Education
for this action.
As a condition of re-enrollment and in addition to other penalties imposed,
the student shall serve a period of one- year probation and shall agree to submit to ran-
dom, unannounced testing for drugs and/or alcohol. These tests shall be billed to the par-
ent or guardian. A positive test for drugs or alcohol or any violation of Harrison County
Board of Education Discipline Policy, Level II, Level III, or Level IV, during the period
of probation shall constitute a separate Level IV offense.
When the Harrison County Board of Education expels a student, they may
attempt to establish the student as a "dangerous student" as defined in W.Va. Code §18A-
5-1a, at a hearing to determine the expulsion of the student. In a notice to the parent/
guardian, the county board shall state clearly whether the board will attempt to establish
the student as a "dangerous student" and will include any evidence to support its claim in
this notice of the hearing date and time.
W.Va. Code §18A-5-1a defines a "dangerous student" as a student
who is substantially likely to cause serious bodily injury to himself, herself or another
individual within that student's educational environment, which may include any al-
ternative education environment as West Virginia Board of
Education Policy 2418, W.Va. §126CSR20 (Alternative Education Programs for Dis-
ruptive Students), as evidenced by a pattern or series of violent behavior exhibited by
the student, and documented in writing by the school, with the documentation pro-
vided to the student and parent or guardian at the time of any offense.
If the Harrison County Board of Education expels a student, and finds
that the student is a dangerous student, they may refuse to provide alternative educa-
tion pursuant to the conditions outlined in W.Va. Code §18A-5-1a but must re-
evaluate this decision at least every three months.
With regard to students with disabilities, nothing in this policy may be
construed to be in conflict with the federal provisions of the Individuals with Dis-