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plinary action, notify the parent/guardian in writing of the disciplinary action taken, and
provide a copy to the teacher or bus driver before the student is readmitted to class or to
the bus.
4101.17 Complaint Procedures
All violations of the Student Code of Conduct observed by school employees or by
students must be reported to the principal or their designee for appropriate action to be taken
as specified in this policy. Employee failure to report a violation is addressed in West Virginia
Board of Education Policy 5310, W.Va. Code §126CSR142 (Performance Evaluation of
School Personnel).
Any person who believes he or she has been the victim of a Student Code of Con-
duct violation or any staff member with knowledge or reasonable belief of a Student Code of
Conduct violation shall report the alleged act(s) immediately to the building principal or their
designee, who shall become the designated investigator. The report can be made orally or may
be submitted on a form available to all students and staff through the counselor’s office. Noth-
ing in this policy shall prevent any person from also reporting violations directly to the county
superintendent, as appropriate, a law enforcement agency, or to the West Virginia Human
Rights Commission.
All designated investigators shall be given training by Harrison County Schools on
a bi-annual basis regarding proper investigative and reporting procedures.
Employee failure to report a violation is addressed in WV Code §126CSR142,
West Virginia Board of Education Policy 5310, Performance of School Personnel.
4101.18 Investigation Procedures
The principal shall, upon receipt of a report or complaint, immediately undertake
or authorize an investigation. The investigation may be conducted by school/school system
officials, or by a third party designated by the school system, in accordance with this policy
and the procedures developed pursuant to §126-99-9, above.
The investigation must, at a minimum, consist of personal interviews with the com-
plainant, the individual(s) against whom the complaint is filed, and others who may have
knowledge of the alleged incident(s) or circumstances giving rise to the complaint. The inves-
tigation may also consist of any other methods and review of circumstances deemed pertinent
by the investigator. When any student is to be interviewed in connection with an investigation
pursuant to a Level IV violation, a reasonable effort shall be made to contact the student's par-
ent, custodian, or guardian and invite them to be present during such interview, provided such