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The students are learning Spanish in the classroom.

Here are some links to help reinforce the Spanish words.

Spanish Word Toss

Spanish Bingo


We go over the numeral words daily and I give some commands in Spanish.  The students enjoy this and listen carefully so they can get it right.  I am also introducing the days of the week and months of the year.

I have also introduced the following words. Some words have special marks above them, but I am unable to make those marks in this program.

grande - big          pequeno/pequena - small        caliente - hot          frio/fria - cold

rojo/roja-red     verde-green    azul-blue    amarillo/amarilla-yellow  

gracias-thank you     por favor-please     muy grande-very big   el libro-book

el chocolate - chocolate    la manzana - apple   me gusta - I like     la abuela-grandma

los dientes -teeth   los ojos-eyes   las manos-hands   por favor-please

la cabeza-head    la nariz-nose    me gusta-I like   los amigos-friends

las papas fritas-french fries    el monstruo-monster   el queso-cheese 

el tomate-tomato    el carro-car    morado/morada-purple   contento/contenta-happy

triste-sad    el gato-cat    cansado/cansada-tired    hace frio-"It's cold"    hace calor-"It's hot"

la hamburguesa-hamburger    el papel-paper   el lapiz-pencil    el pastel-cake

Yo tengo hambre-"I'm hungry"       adios-goodbye       el tren-train    el libro-book

las uvas-grapes     la leche-milk   los osos-bears      el helado-ice cream

  el zapato-shoes     los pies- feet    el agua-water    el pelo-hair   el maiz-corn

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This will be our new planning schedule starting January 6, 2014. 

Monday 12:25-1:05 - Music

Tuesday 9:00-9:40 - Library

Wednesday 12:25-1:05 - Computer

 Thursday 9:00-9:40 - Gym

Friday 12:25-1:05 - Music


Lunch time 11:50




Body Unit Internet Sites


The Split Brain experiment

Pavlov’s Dog

Immune System Defender

Ear Activity

Blood Type

The Human Body Book

The Digestive System

Antibiotic Attack

Brain Surgery

Knee Surgery

Putting Bones Back Together

Keeping Healthy

How Our Bodies Move

Infection, Detection, Protection

How the Body Works

The Digestive System

Heart Surgery


Below are the links, for skills, that I have 

taught to the students. 


Punctuation 2

Adding -ed and -ing

Nouns -Completing Sentences

Interactive Site on Nouns

Noun Games

Nouns 1

Nouns 2

Possessive Nouns 1

Possessive Nouns 2

Possessive Nouns 3

Irregular Plurals

Endings with -ed, and -ing

Proper Nouns

Nouns and Verbs

Main Idea

Main Idea 2

r-controlled vowels

r-controlled vowels 2

r-controlled vowels 3

rhyming words


 When Two Vowels Go Walking

2nd video and activity on When Two Vowels Go Walking

 Contraction activity

Contraction activity 2

Contraction activity 3

Pick-It Adjective Game

Adjective Detectives

Adjective Adventure


Prefixes, Suffixes, and Root Words

Prefixes and Suffixes -Test


Holiday Sites

Make a Pumpkin

Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkin Matching

Thanksgiving Word Search

Countdown to Christmas

Links to Christmas Around the World

Rudolph is Missing

Christmas Around the World

Social Studies

 Clickable Map of Historic Philadelphia

Congress for Kids

Read about the Constitution for Kids

Fifty States Symbols and Games

Information on the Presidents

Braille and Helen Keller


Mr. Martini's Kids Classroom


Cool Math-Addition and Subtration Games

Addition and Subtraction Games

Interactive Addition and Subtraction Activities

Roman Numerals

Roman Numeral Challenge

 Multiplication Links

Unit on Matter



Vocabulary Matching on Matter

Grouping and Changing Materials

Solids, Liquids, and Gas

Videos on Matter

2nd Video on Matter



Pumpkin Unit

        The students are working on a science and math unit on pumpkins.  They  estimate then measure the distance around the pumpkin using non-standard units of measurements. Next, they record the information in their booklet.  They  label pumpkin parts, learn how pumpkins grow, measure the height of each pumpkin, weigh them, and count the ribs.  Finally, they predict which pumpkin has the most seeds and uses place value to count the seeds in hundreds, tens, and ones.

Pumpkin Jigsaw Puzzle


Space Unit

Links for Space

Your Weight on Other Planets

Earth From Space

Space Science

Nasa Kids' Club


The Sea and Sky

The Week's Sky At A Glance

Planet Impact


Space Vocabulary Memory Game

Planets Memory Game

Space Memory Match

Interactive Moon Challenge

Comparing Planet Sizes

Animation Showing Orbits of Planets

Why Do We Have Seasons

Amazing Space



 Weather Unit   

     Weather Wiz Kids Site

Weather Games

Water Cycle, Clouds, Condensation, and Evaporation




The week of April 14th to the16th we will be working on our Science Body Unit. It is only a 3 day week before Easter Break.  The following week we will start back with our reading book. 

We will read the story Just Like Josh Gibson the week of April 22, 2014 to April 25, 2014. Their reading, vocabulary, and spelling test will be on Friday, April 25, 2014.




These are some links for skills and concepts for this week's story.

Just Like Josh Gibson


Spelling Words-Spell contractions

we’re, I’ve, don’t, can’t, he’d, you’re, won’t, they’re, I’d, they’d, she’d, we’ve, could’ve, should’ve, would’ve

Vocabulary Words

field, cheers, threw, sailed, plate, bases

Amazing Words

athlete, challenge, effort, dainty, disguise, champion, professional, shortstop

Link to Spelling Words

Spelling Word Games

Vocabulary and Amazing Words




Signmaker's Assistant

Link to Spelling Words

Spelling Words-Spell words with au, aw, augh, al

talk, because, August, caught, draw, walk, chalk, auto, taught, thaw, fault, launch,

Vocabulary Words

idea, important, blame, signmaker, townspeople, afternoon

Amazing Words

apologize, citizen, judgment, hoard, scold, interrupt, protest, troublemaker


Spelling Words