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           Counseling Program Mission Statement: 
     Design and deliver a comprehensive Counseling program which promotes student Academic, Social/Personal, and Career achievement today for the future.


     Counselor News 

≈October is National Bullying Prevention Month with the 22nd being Unity Day.  A special program about Bullying Prevention entitled "HONK" will be attended by our entire school.  In honor of Unity Day, we will also be wearing Orange.
≈October 23rd through October 31st is Red Ribbon Week.  This program addresses Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention. Classroom Guidance Lessons will focus on Alcohol and Drug Abuse Education and Prevention.
  Due to our 5th Grades being housed at Bridgeport Middle School this year, I will be there Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings in order to present Classroom Guidance lessons.  Students may also use the self-referral slips if they need to speak with me.  In case of an emergency with a student, the teachers will contact me.
                             Please remind your child of the importance of good work habits. 
 After all, school is their job.
  Being on time helps students to not feel so anxious.  Having a good breakfast at home, or here at school, is important for their brain energy.  Being prepared for the day by making sure your child has remembered what to bring to school will help them, and you, to not feel anxious.
     Above all, please make time to sit down, and ask your child how their day went.  After that, do something together for a few minutes.  Whether it is talking, taking a walk, playing a game together, or letting them help in some way with dinner, you and your child will be able to use this time to start off the evening right. 
Alert...Alert!  Some of our students have confessed to staying up too late!  Some are sneaking to play video games.  Others do not have a set bedtime.  They are coming to school sleepy, and not focused.  Please help by setting a bedtime, and sticking to it as best you can.  Thank you!
Classroom Guidance Lessons for the 1st Nine Weeks:
Focus will be placed on Transitioning to school; Manners; Social skills; Good work habits; Character education; Friendship; Diversity; Appropriate behaviors; Safety; Careers for PK through 5th Grades. 
This School Counselor uses various resources to not only  present our students with the lessons, but to include them as part of the lessons in order for learning to impact them, and  to help them to remember what the have learned.
These resources include:  Books, Interactive DVDs, "SMART" Interactive Guidance, Role play, Plays, Puppets and other props
Fifth Grade will be taking tours of colleges, and our technical center in order to be dintroduce to career options. 
The dates for these tours are as follows:
October 9th - Fairmont State University
October 16th - United Technical Center
**I know the 5th Grades will agree that our WVU tour was FANTASTIC on the 1st! 


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